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Trumpeter/drummer Andy Hague's site sells sheet music for amateur and professional alike and also maintains an up-to-date gig list for the SW England area.
Contains all those interesting articles you were reading in the dentist's waiting room when they called you in.
Ben will meet all your jazz guitar needs.
Lovingly put together site with some good hints for musicians.
This one's amazing, especially if you've 'lost' a website recently, or want to see how a site evolved. Some American nutters have modified 300 HP desktop PCs and copied every website (except password protected ones) they could find published since 1996. They have 10 billion pages! Enjoy.

Excellent sax and flute player with new CD out!
Interesting site about events in and history of Hotwells area in Bristol, lovingly maintained by actor and boatman Jeremy McNeill (Jezza).
Excellent free site if you're into juggling with Active Server Pages, Microsoft Access and the like.
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Nothing to do with me.