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Weds 9th
Seeing in the New Year were the Jazz Worriers!
You know Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers
You know about the Scott & Hayes Jazz Couriers.
You may even be familiar with the Jazz Warriors.
Now come - the Jazz Worriers!
Weds 23rd
Susie Fugle with Magic Robot
Yes folks, it's true. Fresh from their ground-breaking (ice-breaking?) gig at the Hotwells School Christmas Fair! Susie Fugle (pictured) alternative country singer best known for her work with Spike Island, cast aside her rhinestones in favour of dahlia and cigarette holder and joined Magic Robot for an evening of jazz ballads and blues. The death of Peggy Lee announced two days earlier gave Susie's heartfelt renditions of 'Fever', 'Why Don't You Do Right' and 'I'm a Woman' even more poignancy.
The band - Rob Harrison - drums, Mick Clark - bass, Chris Harris - tenor sax, Don Hawley - trumpet, flugelhorn, Steve Gilbey - keyboards.
Weds 13th
Nuages - duo celebrating the music of Django Reinhardt. First time at the Bebop for these guys from Swindon so let's give them a warm Bristol welcome!
Weds 27th
Resolution seeing in the Chinese New Year!
Mark is coming down from London for this one so let's give him some support. Excellent band.
Mark Rowe - guitar, Joe Blanc - keyboards, Ben Carruthers - saxes, Dave Thorogood - double bass, Trevor Davies - drums.
Weds 13th
Jonny Henderson Trio
Jonny is an excellent pianist who has been paying his dues down at the Bebop jams, when he's not touring Sweden that is!
Tonight he sets his keyboard to Hammond and joins Ben Blackmore - guitar, and Trevor Davies - drums in exploring the funky-bluesier end of the jazz spectrum.

Weds 12th
Strung Out

Great name! 'Strung Out are a Bristol-based jazz-rock 5-piece with a new outlook on the genre. The line-up of two violins, keyboards, bass and percussion led to a refreshingly clean texture allowing influences from classical to rock to out-and-out jazz to come to the fore. The original material played upon qualities of the violins whilst the accomplished rhythm section set up a sold and compelling groove.'
Sarah Fielding, Toby Kohler - violins, Henry Shaftoe - percussion, Tony Lewis - bass, Lyndon Toddington - keyboards.

Thoroughly enjoyable gig from these folks. We'll be having them back in the New Year.

Weds 14th

A warm welcome back for Mark - but not from enough people! Come on you Bristolians, give the musicians the support they deserve. You'll kick yourselves when they're famous and playing Cardiff at £25 a pop.
Mark Rowe - guitar, Joe Blanc - keyboards, Ben Carruthers - saxes, Dave Thorogood - double bass, Trevor Davies - drums.

Weds  21st
October Chiam

Another good house and a great evening from these guys. We'll be booking them back.
Pierre Fox - guitar, Steve Buckland - saxes, Dave Perry - soprano sax, Johnny Henderson - piano, Ibrahim Sangang - percussion, Dave Thorogood - bass, Nick Turner - drums.

26th September
The East Pole Orchestra:
New at the club, this 5-piece drew from jazz, world & folk influences to produce their own idiosyncratic fusion of jazz, reggae, klezmer and Breton music. Reasonably good house, slightly reduced by a police traffic spot-check opposite. This also affected the usual quiz night downstairs, so landlord John kindly donated the sandwiches to us jazzers. Cheers John!
The band are:  Simon Leech - guitar, Dave Eggs - percussion, Ian Popperwell - sax & flutes, Julia Dawson - fretless bass, Judy Williams - sax & percussion.